Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For Men With Meaning

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Introduction – Tattoo Ideas For Men

So you’ve been searching for a new tattoo, but you don’t want just any tattoo for your body, you want the perfect tattoo for you which holds special meaning, or is close to your core values. Further down below we discuss the topic of “Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For Men With Meaning”.

We have specially prepared this article for those that are in need of tattoo ideas that will bring them closer to choosing the perfect tattoo! So hopefully by the end of this article, you would have found an idea about what your next tattoo should be about!

#1: Crow Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

In mythology, the crow is often associated with bad luck and black magic, but it also represents cunning and foresight. The crows are considered to be messengers between the earthly plane and the heavenly one, the living, the dead, and the gods.

They are considered “Harbingers of Death” dating way back to the time when the birds appeared on the battlefield and people started to believe that the appearance of those birds indicated near death. 

Frequently a crow is displayed in a tattoo with its wings outspread, usually in flight, where its majesty and authority can be displayed properly.

The crow has a commanding presence and induces a fearless and audacious persona that brings up similar qualities to the one who possesses such a tattoo.

So as far as tattoo ideas for men go, this is a perfect choice for men searching for meaning in their brand-new tattoo, a worthy first addition to our Top 10 Tattoos for men.

#2 Tree Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

The trees are the ones with the richest symbolism behind them, due to their importance in history to many cultures.

Ever since the beginning of ages, the trees were considered the symbol of life, of rejuvenation, of life and of regeneration.

A lot of trees are considered sacred in a lot of cultures, due to a lot of myths created throughout the ages. Some prefer to have a tattoo of a bark, a branch, or just the roots from the trees.

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I for one would go for a version of the Tree of life, known in Norse mythology as Yggdrasil. The Sacred Tree which has its roots in all the Nine Worlds, is the Tree that connects the Heavens, the known world, and even Hell.

Other such examples of a majestic tree can be considered oak. Universally renowned for vitality, wisdom, and clarity, the oak was important in the Celtic culture. The Druids had their beliefs that the oak trees were the hosts of the energy, vitality, and strength of their gods.

Each part of the tattoo has a different meaning. The roots show a desire for strength and deeper meaning, the trunk stays unmoving and patient, and the leaves that reach for the sky show motivation and aspiration.

We see yearly the cycle of death and rebirth being propagated around us. So what better symbol to choose if you’re looking for the one to tie it all.

The tree as a symbol for the cycle of life and death shows a proclivity for higher aspirations, deeper thoughts, and the well-being of the body.

So if you’re looking for meaning in tattoos, trees should be a must in your Top 10 Tattoo ideas for men!

#3 Infinity / Ouroboros – Tattoo Ideas For Men

Not many people know of the word Ouroboros or even if they have vaguely heard of it, they do not know its significance.

Originating from the ancient Egyptian culture, the symbol was known to represent the beginning and end of time. The symbol appeared throughout history in different cultures and mythologies.

It is more commonly known in Norse mythology as Jörmungandr, the World-Serpent, the eternal foe of Thor, the God of Thunder. The snake is one of the three children of Loki, the god of mischief.

Upon being thrown into the sea, the snake became in time so large it could encircle the whole of Midgard and grow so large it could actually grasp its own tail, therefore being forever known as the World Serpent.

The serpent is often depicted in a position where it eats its own tail signifying new beginnings and endings. The body of the serpent is easily associated with the symbol for infinity, getting twisted at the center to create a “figure eight” and put the accent on the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth.

Another meaning of the ouroboros tattoo is the renewal that comes from it. More often than not, people who pick the Ouroboros tattoo are trying to get over a tough period in their life and want to have a constant reminder of avoiding having to go back to that time.

So, if you’re ready to start a new stage in your life, and you’re looking for a tattoo with meaning, then the Ouroboros might just be the perfect pick for you.

#4 Dragon Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

The fire-breathing, mythical creatures appeared throughout history in the folklore of many cultures worldwide. In western culture, the mythical serpent was portrayed as a 4-legged fire-breathing catastrophe, with wings spreading over the length of its body, ready to fly and bring calamity upon the world.

In such a culture, the winged serpents are kindhearted and all-powerful visages, with power over the elements, ready to call downpours during a dry spell. They are viewed as fortunate and great, quite the opposite of their Western counterparts. from their Western partners.

Modern depictions put the dragons in a different spot, considering they are mostly found in the fantasy genre. The most famous depiction of a dragon is the treasure hoarder hidden inside the Misty Mountains, the bane of the dwarves, and Smaug, the main villain in the Hobbit book and movies.

Other famous dragons can be considered the 3 dragons that Khaleesi raised, as seen in the Game of Thrones tv show, the fiercest of them being Drogon, The winged shadow.

So a few things to take note of before you dive further into choosing which type of dragon would suit you. Remember that Eastern Dragons symbolize wisdom, prosperity, courage, duality, and luck, while their Western counterparts symbolize Immortality, chaos, greed, and bad omens.

The dragon’s shape can be chosen due to the wide variety of different locations on the body, most prefer for it to be placed on the back, where it can be in a bigger size, and be done in more detail.

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Another option is near the shoulder, where it can continue down the arm or stretch onto the chest/back. In Chinese culture, the tattoo dragon can be done as a full-body tattoo, while containing multiple elements and symbols.

Ultimately, the dragon tattoo can have a meaning that we attribute to them, be it a bad omen, danger, or good luck and fortune. It’s all up to the one who wears it to decide its preference, but I would still recommend you at least consider the idea of having a Dragon Tattoo in your Top 10 list to consider.

Overall, we felt a strong urge to include Dragon Tattoos in our “top 10 list of tattoo ideas for men with meaning”!

#5 Wolf Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

The alpha predator, dating back 40.000 years, the ones to were the biggest competitor to humans when it came to hunting wildlife, the one who is seen as a protector and a guide, a wild and ferocious beast when it comes to protecting the pack, and a fierce and loyal companion to those that it acknowledges.

We all know the history of the Capitoline Wolf, the one who nursed the mythical twin founders of Rome, Romulus, and Remus, or of the shackled child of Loki, Fenrir, the Wolf of Ragnarök, the One who is bound to devour Odin during the course of Ragnarök

In most of the myths and legends, the symbol of the wolf is described as being a leader, a warrior. In Native American folklore, the wolf can be seen both as a sign of good fortune or terrible misfortune. The wolf is a prominent figure in almost all the tribes.

The wolves are considered close relatives of humans, most of the wolf lore being related to hunting, loyalty, success, and protection.

Whenever you see a person with a wolf tattoo, you can be sure that the person is a fierce protector of their home and family. A wolf tattoo can be a constant reminder of when and how you can wield your power.

Your own wild nature can be best represented by a wolf tattoo, and the tattoo will always remind you of what you need to do in order to survive, thrive, and drive you towards your goals.             

#6 Phoenix Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

Often depicted in myths and legends, the phoenix is the immortal bird able to set itself on fire the moment it reaches its end of the journey and rise anew from the ashes younger and stronger than ever.

The cycle is repeated continuously, the phoenix obtaining new life from the ash of its predecessor. 

The phoenix is often called a bird of the Sun, or of the Flames, the ever-present element being the fire surrounding it, so if you’re the type of a fiery and passionate person, then the phoenix is a perfect match for your brand-new tattoo. The cycle of death and rebirth is often representative of the passing of time.

The growth and dying of the body, so can be perfect for you if you need a constant reminder that life is fleeting, and you should not waste it.

#7 Skull Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

The skull tattoo is a very popular motif as a dark symbol, an occult visage and it is quite often associated with death or the realm of the dead. If you’re one of the people that is searching for a darker element to go well with your current theme, then the skull might be a perfect fit for it.

Another meaning of the skull tattoo is that it represents the ability to “live dangerously”, setting a clear goal in your mind and not taking your eyes off the end goal, to be focused on your objectives and pursue what you want without faltering.

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Skulls are picked as a reminder that nothing lasts forever. It can either represent a passing of a dear one, or a constant reminder that life will always end its cycle without a moment’s notice.

#8 Nordic Runes Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

The Vikings were not only known for their ability to sail and conquer, or their ferocity in battle, but also for their runic tattoos on their body. The Vikings were a superstitious type of people, therefore they tattooed runes on their bodies, believing that the runes will bring protection in battle, bring good health or haunt their enemies.

In Norse mythology, the runes were first discovered by Odin the Allfather. For the ability to read the runes, Odin hung himself in Yggdrasil’s branch for nine days without food or water. Each rune letter contained a specific power and magic.

The runes were originally carved on rocks, pieces of wood, or metal, being easy to trace. Each of the rune symbols is unique, and for believers in the occult, the symbols were believed to be connected with deep magic that attracts blessings.

The Norse runes might be a good addition to your next tattoo, if you already have a theme focused on the Norse pantheon, you can always incorporate a few runes in the theme and give it an even greater depth to it.

#9 Tribal Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

The style of Tribal Tattoos spans back thousands of years, originating from tribes that wanted to differentiate themselves from other tribes, or to camouflage themselves from their enemies.

Many of the tribal tattoo designs are taken from the Indian, Egyptian, Mayan or Aztec cultures, where the tattoos were used as part of “social status”.

Tribal tattoos often include patterns, circles, or lines alongside black bands. A lot of ancient tribes incorporated animals in their tribal tattoos so that they can obtain the strength of that animal. Therefore, the bearers of these tattoos were considered commanding and tough.

All over the world, tribal tattoos can be recognized almost immediately even while having different types of variations.

Some are similar to the ancient style of the tribes, while others are incorporating modern elements into them, giving them a more unique flavor.     


Whatever style you’d prefer, just remember to make it unique to your taste, and have in it elements that resonate with you.

If you are looking for significance behind your next tattoo, I’d say it’s a strong yay for including Tribal Tattoos in our Top 10 Tattoos ideas for men that are looking for meaning.

#10 Compass Tattoo – Tattoo Ideas For Men

The Compass Tattoo has been a popular choice for the majority of cultures for centuries, the compass being used as a maritime symbol among sailors.

Getting a compass tattoo was believed that would protect you on the rough seas and it would safeguard your journey back home safely. Being considered a lucky charm, the compass was even painted on ships, most of the sailors considering it brings them back home safely.

The most common symbol for a compass is the one representing the North Star. Firstly, before sailors could use maps, they would often find their way by getting guided by the North Star in the right direction. The North Star compass tattoo stands for finding a way home, and for guidance.

Above all, the compass as a symbol also represents the idea that we need to stay our course in life and not give up no matter how dire the situation might become.

The compass is a popular symbol that goes well in an endless combination of elements. Therefore, be sure to make it unique and be in accordance with your moral compass.

In conclusion, no matter how many tattoos you see and want to combine, be sure to keep in mind the style of tattoo that would fit your personality and your chosen design.

This was our first blog post ever on this website, and we felt the need to start with a bang about our top 10 favorite Tattoo Ideas for men! Visit us soon for more updates and weekly content!

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INK-EEZE Green Tattoo Ointment is a top-quality aftercare product that is specifically designed for use on tattooed skin. The ointment is made with a blend of essential oils and other nourishing ingredients that work to soothe and moisturize the skin, helping to speed up the healing process and reduce the appearance of redness and swelling.

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