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Thor was considered to have been the fiercest of the Norse Gods, with the title of God of Thunder and Lightning known throughout the entire Norse Pantheon for his fights against the ice giants, and battling against the “World Encircling Snake”, Jörmungandr at the end of Ragnarök.

In Norse Mythology and history, Thor has always been a popular deity, partially due to his feats and strengths. He was also the son of Odin, the All-Father.

With the emergence of Marvel in the late twentieth and twenty-first-century comic books and with the appearance of Thor on tv screens, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in movies such as Avengers, the character Thor gained even stellar popularity, giving birth to all types of fans around the globe. Such fans decided to get a tattoo on their body to commemorate the god, while some decided to have a tattoo of Mjölnir as a lasting memento on their body.

We plan on going further down the rabbit hole and find out what makes such tattoos popular for people and why they would decide to pick a Thor tattoo to inscribe on their bodies.

Thor Tattoo Meaning

What is there not to like about such a god? He is considered to have the strength to move mountains, the power to control lighting and thunder at will, had a trusting weapon, Mjölnir, was able to split the head of Ice Giants with a single swing, and was considered the go-to guy when it came to handling enemies of the gods.

Instead of adopting the scheming attitude of his father, Odin, or the Tricksters Loki’s methods, Thor always decided to face the problems with the hammer in his hands. He was the bane of ice giants. This sprang from a rather embarrassing story, of when Thor and Loki had to dress as women and attend a wedding of Giants so that they could recover the stolen Mjölnir.

One night the giants managed to steal Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, and demanded Freya‘s hand in marriage, in exchange for the hammer. Thor and Loki took the garments of women and attended the party, but after managing to fool the giants, and recovering the hammer, Thor killed every giant who attended the party. Talk about a Red-Wedding!

Due to his strength and virility, Thor was said to have been considered a God of Fertility and was celebrated as such. Thor married golden-haired Sif, a goddess associated with family, and faith.

Out of all his enemies, the one Thor hated the most was the Serpent Who Encircled The World, Jörmungandr. It was said that Jörmungandr was one of the third children of Loki, besides the monstrous Fenrir and the one who resides over the dead in the realm with the same name, Hel.

Jörmungandr was thrown into the sea by Odin, because of its monstrous appearance. The snake grew some large devouring all the other sea creatures, that he ended up encircling Midgard, and biting his own tail. It was prophesized that the moment Jörmungandr would release the bite on his own tail, the start of Ragnarök would be announced!

Thor fought with Jörmungandr on numerous occasions, but it was fated that at the final battle of the gods, at Ragnarök, Thor would fight Jörmungandr for the last time, before finally slaying the beast, but at the same time getting mortally wounded by the snake, resulting in Thor’s death after taking nine steps.

From all of Thor’s exploits, you can see why someone would want to get a Thor Tattoo on their body. Thor represents the male virility and strength that a male is capable of displaying. The inner nature of man allows one to reveal true fierceness when it comes to protecting what it’s theirs, giving them strength to fight evil and foes alike.

Thor can be considered a leader and a protector of his tribe. As every man should be of his family, and of his community. Giving off a strong and capable aura, one can end up being considered a more dependable person competent to prove to those around him that he can get the job done.

Thor Tattoo Ideas

One can easily come up with a Thor tattoo as long as they can read about the Deity’s adventures and tales. Norse mythology is filled with jaw-dropping stories that will leave the reader inspired to create a tattoo that fits their personality and journey in life.

Some would prefer to get tattooed on their body a few protective Runes, which were considered in pagan times to be used to call the aid of the Gods. Some would choose the Valknut, as a protective symbol, while some might consider based on the stories the image of Thor, or of his trusting weapon, Mjölnir.

As Thor is the God of Thunder and Lightning, one can always incorporate such elements into your tattoo. One might consider Thor in a battle against the Jötunn, or a depiction of the last battle in Ragnarök of Thor against Jörmungandr. Some would get inspired by the Marvel character of Thor and his depiction of an ancient God in a more modern setting in the world.

There are various styles you can employ for your Thor Tattoo, all that depends on you and on your inspiration from folklore and stories.

We recommend that you do your due diligence and try to get inspired into creating a unique piece. The best way to ensure this is to consult with your tattoo artist of your choosing and to make sure you express clearly your wants and needs, as only the opinion of a professional can guide you into creating a unique piece that can make you proud to wear.

Thor Tattoo Design

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