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In Greek mythology, Selene is known as the Titan Goddess of the Moon, born of Titan Hyperion and Theia, and sister to Helios and Eos. She is known to have driven her chariot every night across the Heavens and shone the lunar light upon the lands and creatures.

The moon has been present in countless stories and divinations, it has been the focal point of many paintings and poems, representing the change and constant renewal that the coming of the night brings.

As such it was considered by artists through the ages as a big enough motif to dedicate their workings towards, be it on oil on canvas, ink on paper, or even ink on skin. Today we want to discover why someone would choose a Selene Tattoo as their piece to celebrate the Goddess of the Moon and what it might represent.

Selene Tattoo Meaning

Selene is the daughter of Titans Hyperion and Theia and is said to have been the Titan Goddess of the Moon. Some myths identify her as being either associated or being the same with the Goddess Artemis, same for her brother Helios, being associated with the God Apollo, brother of Artemis.

Selene alongside Hecate and Artemis were known and regarded as being lunar and moon Goddesses, with only Selene being known as personification of the Moon. This can be considered as a sisterhood of goddesses, each being part of a convent representing a divine astral body that floats on the night sky. The Roman equivalent of Goddess Selene was Luna, Goddess of the Moon.

Selene is known for her various love affairs, with important characters such as Zeus, Pan and the mortal Endymion. Selene can be described as belonging to the archetype of the lover, someone who loves deeply with passion, but being flaky or restless and most times lack discipline, and at the same time always wanting to stay a young person.

Just as the lunar cycles bring forth a new day from the passing of the night, same can be said for the Selene and ones who might chose a Selene Tattoo as their motif. With the coming and passing of the Moon, a change is brought upon the world. It can represent the birth and death, change and renewal that is represented by passing of night.

Ancient Greek phylosophers consider that the love between Zeus and Selene brought forth the birhth of the Nemean Lion, which fell out of the moon onto the ground. It is lion of legends which Heracles is said to have slain as one of his Twelve Labors.

Selene Tattoo Ideas

There is not much lore when it comes to the description of the Goddess Selene but one can be inspired by the countless paintings or statues dedicated to her, as seen through the mind and eyes of long gone artists and artisans.

An important part of the myth is of Selene riding a chariot across the night sky, bringing forth with her the night and the moon, similar with how her brother Helios brings forth the sun and the day-light.

Is is said that a crescent moon hangs on top of the Goddess Selene, representing her connection with the moon.

Your next Selene tattoo can be inked in different styles, but first you need to decide how your basic shape of tattoo will look like. Will you draw the portrait of a beautiful woman, with a moon in the background? Or will the crescent moon or either the full moon as the main shapes of tattoo, and build around them? Whatever shape you pick, you have to consider next how it will be drawn.

If traditional is more of your style, or whether blackwork or full color is your desire, we want you to make a unique piece. Feel free to use as inspiration the lore, or the paintings or scultures made through-out time, but be sure to always make a unique piece. Your tattoo artist should be your guide, so be sure to listen to their advice, as they can give you better insight as to what works in a tattoo and what doesn’t.

Selene Tattoo Design

We leave this piece here, as a reminder to get inspired by as many sources as you can, to have a rough image in your head about your next tattoo, but to always consult and try to listen to the tattoo artists’ opinions for your next piece, as the advice of a professional can decide between a flop or a great tattoo.

As long as you and your tattoo artist are in sync then you can be sure that the result would be a unique piece, that will be sure to turn heads and receive admiration from onlookers.

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