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Is there a more fitting figure to give the start of the Egyptian Pantheon blog posts than the King of all Egyptian gods and creator of them, Ra, the Sun God?

Ra’s popularity rose to prominence in the 25th and 24th century BC, when he became the most important figure in the whole Ancient Egyptian Pantheon. Ra was considered the ruler of all the lands, the sky, and the whole underworld.

It is said that the Egyptian religion ruled over the lands of Egypt for more than 3,000 years, during which various elements and figureheads were replaced, merged, or completely shifted into a new perspective.

Since the beginning of the Egyptian religion, Ra was an important figurehead, considered the creator of everything. During countless millennia, his mythology began to fuse with other gods, such as Amun, Atum, and Horus, resulting in different beings.

Today we’re trying to find out what made Ra so important in the Egyptian pantheon, and what made people devote so much of themselves to such a deity. From songs, ancient stories, statues, temples, and entire cults dedicated to worshipping the sun god, and lately even tattoos. We know that Egyptian mythology is filled with amazing stories, and we’re trying to focus our view on choosing the best Ra tattoo for an eager person ready to get their first Egyptian tattoo on their body.

Ra Tattoo Meaning

It is said that in the beginning it was only Darkness, that encompassed all universe, and at some point, Ra willed himself into existence. Ra created out of himself the first gods, Shu (Dryness and Air), and his partner Tefnut (Humidity), from which in turn would spawn other entities that would complete the Universe with life. The resulting gods were Geb the Earth god and Nut the Sky goddess.

The world consisted of an infinite ocean, but there was no light, so Ra could not see his children. So he created an eye that would send to search for his children. In the absence of the first eye, Ra created a second eye, which kept for himself. Upon returning, the first eye discovered the creation of the second eye, so he demanded Ra would empower him further than the second eye. So the first eye became the Sun, while the second eye became the Moon.

Some myths tell us that Ra at some point wept, and from his tears emerged humanity. Reasons for Ra’s weeping are vague, but most myths of creation have a common base that humanity emerged from Ra’s tears.

Early on in the Egyptian religion, the Sun was worshiped as a giver of life, helping the ripening of the crops that were worked by men, and by extension, as the creator of life and of the Sun, Ra was considered the incarnation of Sun, being bestowed the highest honors and worshippings in the entire Egyptian Pantheon. Ra represented life, warmth, and growth. Ra became known as King of the Gods.

A Ra Tattoo would be ideal for the type of people who seem to shine whenever they enter a room, bringing joy and warmth to the other attending people. A natural-born leader would fit the stigma of Ra perfectly, being able to carefully plan ahead and execute the plans that are set in motion. The role of protector and household father would be blended perfectly in a Ra tattoo that would encompass all these qualities.

Ra Tattoo Ideas

The perfect representation of Ra is that of the Sun-God, the creator of the Universe and the Giver of Life. When considering creating a Ra tattoo, you must consider having an element such as the Sun, or light of the Sun accompanying the tattoo, for what would be a better element than the orbiting sun in the background?

Through Egyptian religion, Ra was said to have different shapes, such as the falcon that would arrive at dawn, or the scarab called kheper. By midday, Ra would turn back into his original form, as the sun god represented by a sun-disk. At sunset, he turned into an old man, named Atum, who had completed his life cycle and was ready to disappear to be regenerated for a new day.

As always, we urge our readers to get inspired from as many sources as possible, but to always consult with their tattoo artist of choice, and to try to create a unique piece that would fit their journey in life and preferences.

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