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He is the Titan that bestowed the gift of fire to humanity, the one that brought an age of light to the darkness that surrounded the humans in ancient times, he is Prometheus, the Titan that sided with Zeus against his fellow titans when it came to fighting in Titanomachy.

For his act of stealing the fire from the Gods and gifting them to humanity, Prometheus was chained by Zeus and sentenced to have an eagle eat his forever regenerating liver.
Is it any wonder that Prometheus is so loved and honored for his act? Ancient artists created statues, paintings, and works of art to honor his memory. Some have even started lately to ink a Prometheus tattoo on their body in a show of appreciation for his gifts.

Prometheus Tattoo Meaning

The name of Prometheus means Forethinker. He was known for his inteligence and for the act of championing for humanity.

The Titan Prometheus was the son of Clymene and Iapetus.

In ancient Greek Mythology, it was known that Prometheus was the one that created humanity, out of mud, while Athena instilled life in the statues. Prometheus decided to have the humans stand upright, just like Gods, and to have fire as a way to warm them.

Zeus decided to take fire away from humans, but Prometheus loved humans more than he loved Olympus. So he decided to trick Zeus and again offered fire as a gift to humans.

For this act, Prometheus was chained on by Zeus with adamantine chains on Mount Elbrus, where daily an eagle sent by Zeus would devour Prometheus’s liver, returning the next day to complete once again its task.

It would have been a long time until Prometheus by freed, by Zeus’s son, Hercules nonetheless.
Prometheus was known as the Titan Trickster, managing to trick Zeus 3 times. He was also known as a mastercraftsman, he also taught the skills of metalworking to humans, so the age of advancements for humanity would begin.

The name of Prometheus is sinonymous with culture and science. In Athens the name of Prometheus would be celebrated yearly, where an annual torch race would be held is his honor.
A Prometheus Tattoo is for the people that have as main character trait resilience and willpower to endure any hardships. Just as the Titan was chained and cursed to have his liver eaten daily, the same can be said for the wearer, that only the most resilient ones can be proud owners of such tattoo.

Prometheus Tattoo Ideas

The ancient scultors and painters managed to create a vivid image of Prometheus, in honor of his gifts that he gave humanity. Images of him holding torch with the fire stolen from the Gods can be found in various places in the world.

The most common images of him can be found even on pottery, made in clay. The same ingredient that Prometheus used to create humanity. Various images can be found on ancient pottery, of him either holding the fire in his hands, or of him chained in mountain while a huge eagle would devour his liver daily.

People have gone and tattooed Prometheus on their body, as an even greater homage to his name.
Entire drawings are brought to life, either in black or white as more traditional tattoos, or by instilling some color in them for an ever greater depth to the tattoo.

If you have considered the style of the tattoo, the next step would be to consult with your tattoo artist of choice, because a profesionals opinion can give you better insights into your next Prometheus Tattoo. A good artist can help you decide on your final form and shape for the tattoo.

Prometheus Tattoo Designs

And as always, we leave you with a bit of request, that you always create a unique tattoo for yourself, one that represents your feelings and your journeys. A good tattoo artist will always guide you toward your desired tattoo!

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