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The Phoenix Tattoos

The Phoenix is a mythological creature, appearing in ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, and even the Asian countries such as Ancient China and Japan.
Humanity has been fascinated with the myth of the Phoenix since the beginning of time, hence the rise of Phoenix Tattoos on people’s bodies.

Some brought homages to the image of the Phoenix by building statues, creating paintings, and entire poems about its majesty, while some brought it a step further and started creating tattoos, which would be a permanent reminder to the person wearing it, that one can always start fresh and be reborn at any moment.

The Phoenix is most known for its immortality, and its ability to constantly die and be reborn from the ashes. As it reached the end of its life, the Phoenix would combust in a sea of flames, and from its ashes, a newborn Phoenix would be brought to life. Hence the myth of its immortality.

Phoenix Tattoos Meaning

The mythical bird had the form of a huge hawk, a fire blazing hawk, with flames so hot no one could get close to it.

Humanity has always been fascinated by such a creature, the idea behind the constant death and revival cycle brought fascination to the minds of men. It is deeply ingrained in many cultures around the globe, which makes it an important piece of myth, one in which humanity tried to solve its mystery, and to either pursue a life of such rebirth and longevity or to pursue the majesty of it.

Life of the Phoenix can be said to go through a life and death, enduring countless trials and tribulations, going through life worth living, while getting closer to the end, burning brighter and hotter than ever, all to end up in a sea of ashes, from where the cycle can be repeated.

The Phoenix Tattoos in China

In the Ancient Chinese culture, the Phoenix is the second most important mythological creature, right after the divine Dragon, where the Phoenix represents the Yin, while the Dragon represents the Yang. While together, the Phoenix and the Dragon end up balancing each other, each one bringing different energies. The Dragon represents the male energy, the rage, and the strength, while the Phoenix represents the female counterpart, bringing the calmness and the longevity in a marriage.

Greek Phoenix Tattoos

The Divine Phoenix has often believed in Ancient Greek mythology that it was a bird sent by the Heavens, by the Gods, and was said to be a representation of the Sun God, Helios, and later on Apollo.

The bird would follow the exact same cycle of death and rebirth. Ancient Greeks described the mythical creature as having the appearance of a giant rooster, or the shape of a peacock, with plumage of deep and vibrant colors of rich red, orange and yellow, while having a halo of fire.

Japanese Phoenix Tattoos

The art of getting a tattoo has been a rite of passage for countless centuries in Japanese culture. One would get a tattoo once he either passed through some difficult moments in his life or is about to undergo difficult trials.

For a long time, tattoos were associated with the Yakuza, fearless members of various gangs. They would often get tattoos that would represent their journey through the world, and of various trials, they would get through in the long journey of life.

The myth of the Phoenix was passed through Japanese history as being a divine creature, representing longevity, triumph and the wisdom one brings with living such a long life.

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to the Phoenix tattoos, one can have a plethora of lore, myths, and stories from which they can get inspired, to create a stunning tattoo, one that can make the wearer receive the adorations of others.

If you look through various legends from different cultures, you would notice that everyone has a different approach when it comes to designing and executing such a tattoo on the skin.

Take the Chinese for example. They usually pick a spot, such as the back to display the full majesty of the Phoenix, where it can be viewed in detail. Most times the Phoenix would be displayed alongside a Dragon, which can symbolize the balance between Yin and Yang, or in full fight-mode, where it can represent the turmoil in a person’s life, and the willingness to pass through difficult times.

On the other spectrum, the Japanese prefer to choose a more traditional and calm approach to a Phoenix, one that brings the calmness and majesty of the Phoenix in full brilliance. By picking complementary opposite colors, they create a pleasing effect to the eye, one which can make the tattoo shine, and make the background elements bring out a state of peace between tattoos.

Western-style is often associated with a more aggressive style of tattooing, often displaying the Phoenix with wings fully unfurled, either a rising Phoenix or one in full flight mode. While some prefer to go black and white, others are on the opposite spectrum, and choose the option which makes their tattoo pop with colors, where the tattoo feels “alive”.

Some have even decided to go with Tribal-Style Phoenix tattoos, where bold lines make the shape of the Phoenix. Tribal tattoos consist of shapes and heavy lines, which create the effect of an aggressive tattoo. Each tribal tattoo can be tailored according to the rank, family, and various statuses of the user.

Just as the name implies, Tribal tattoos were inspired by the culture of Hawaiian, Polynesian, Indian, and many other tribes around the world, where the various shapes on bodies were used to camouflage the person from the dangers of the jungle and habitat in which they lived.

If you’ve decided on the style that you want to have your Phoenix Tattoo, then the next step would be deciding the skin area where you’ll get the tattoo. We recommend that the tattoo be done on bigger areas, so it can shine the most.

Areas such as arms, where it can put in the spotlight the most creative ideas, or the back, where you got a lot of free canvas to create an elaborate piece of art. The more space dedicated to this mystical creature, the greater the opportunities.

The forearm can be reserved for the discrete types of tattoos, it can showcase a long piece, and can be covered with clothes if need be. Another great place for the Phoenix tattoo can be on the chest, where it can express a bold statement. Not many people choose the chest area to get a tattoo, but that does not mean it is not a great area to have your next Phoenix tattoo done on.

As always, we try to end this with a piece of wisdom, a thought nugget. Whether you want to get a tattoo done on the leg, on the chest, or even on the neck, whether it be neo-traditional, watercolor, full blackwork, or geometrical style, it is important that you consult with your tattoo artist before you get done your tattoo.

The opinion of a professional can greatly influence the outcome of your tattoo. Get inspired by folktales, by works already done, but always, and we mean, always, try to have done a unique piece that fits your style and your journey in life.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

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