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Perseus was a demi-god by birth, the son of Zeus and Danae, and also one of the greatest Heroes in Greek mythos. He is most famous for his beheading of Medusa, the fearsome Gorgon, and for using her head to turn his foes into stones with a simple gaze from the Medusa head.

One such foe was Atlas, the mighty Titan that was forced to hold the sky on his back for eternity. Perseus ended using the gorgon’s head on Atlas, thus turning him into stone for perpetuity.

Such a hero would have a gathering of people who wish to have a Perseus Tattoo on their body as if to own a piece of the ancient heroes’ history inked on their body.

Perseus Tattoo Meaning

What does a person automatically think of when they think of a demigod? A person of great strength, capable of great feats! What about when they think of Perseus, the Gorgon Slayer? They think of Zeus’s son, one that went through numerous trials, one that never gave up, even when facing great challenges and trials.

Perseus was a person that fought for love, to protect his mother from the advances of Polydectes. The island where Perseus and his mother lived was called the island of Serifos. Polydectes was the king of this island. He fell in love with Perseus’s mother, and continued to make advances towards her, but was always stopped by Perseus. He one day thought of a plot to get Perseus out of the way, so he ordered a grand banquet on the island.

The guests all had to bring a horse as a gift, but Polydectes knew that Perseus had no horse to bring. Perseus decided to ask something else of Polydectes, and he will grant it. Polydectes asked for the head of Medusa, the Gorgon.

With the help of Athena, Perseus went on a journey to find Medusa and cut her head. Perseus received various items blessed from the Gods, which helped him against the Gorgon.

As we mentioned, Perseus was a champion of love, protecting those close to him.

Another stance that Perseus is usually found in, is with him holding the head of Medusa. This can symbolize his wrath and vengeance against his foes.

Whatever side of Perseus you chose to pick for your next tattoo, we recommend you get inspired by the selection of Perseus Tattoos, but to always consult with your tattoo artist, and to create a unique piece, one that will encompass your goals and nature in it.

Perseus Tattoo Ideas

The classic stance by which everyone recognises Perseus, is of him holding Medusa’s head towards his enemies. That is one of the most recognised pieces of him, and the perfect way to show in mythology the feat.

One can be inspired by from the lore and the writings to catch a fairly accurate description of Perseus and the idea behind this grand Hero!

Next comes the decision of which style to approach a new tattoo. Traditional black and white? Maybe a splash of color in it? Or just go wild with the color composition? Whichever style you prefer, we are sure that as long as you get inspired from various sources, and then discuss it over with your tattoo artist, then the result will be something worth the wait!

Perseus Tattoo Designs

And as always, we leave you with a bit of request, that you always create a unique tattoo for yourself, one that represents your feelings and your journeys. A good tattoo artist will always guide you toward your desired tattoo!

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