PERSEPHONE TATTOO: Meanings, Tattoo Ideas & 70 MESMERIZING Tattoo Designs

Persephone Tattoo

In Greek Mythology, we always hear the deeds of the Big Three, Zeus the Ruler of Heavens, Poseidon the Ruler of the Seas, and Hades, the Ruler of the Underworld.

But in this post, we focus on someone just as important in the Pantheon as the leaders.
You might have heard of Persephone as the wife of Hades, the Queen of the Underworld, and also the Goddess of Spring.

In Mythology she was an important figurehead, to which artists tried to bring tribute. Inspired by statues, paintings, poems, and operas, some have even decided to pick a Persephone tattoo as a tribute to the Goddess as their inspiration. We are here to delve deeper into what it means to wield such a tattoo.

Persephone Tattoo Meaning

Persephone was the daughter of Zeus the Ruler of Olympus and Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture.

The most famous story of Persephone stems from Hades kidnapping her and taking her to the Underworld. It happened one day as Persephone was playing in the field with her Nymph friend when she spotted a Narcissus flower. From that flower rose a chariot with a dark shadow riding it. It turns out it was the Ruler of the Underworld, Hades. He kidnapped Persephone and took her to the Underworld.

As soon as Demeter heard of this, she rushed the Olympus pleading for help, but none wanted to help her, and she was confused as to why. She scoured the Earth in search of her daughter, but could not find her. Meanwhile, while she was absent from her duties as Goddess of Agriculture, the fields started to wither, while mankind suffered from famine and colder temperatures.

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In the Underworld, Persephone would feel alienated from everyone, greatly missing her Mother, but found meaning in her new role as Queen of the Underworld and knew she had work to do. She refused to eat anything from the Underworld, knowing that it meant forever being bound to Hades and his realm.

Demeter later found out that Zeus conspired with his brother Hades to have Persephone as his wife. Upon hearing of this, Demeter threatened to never return to her duties until her Daughter was brought back to her. Zeus and Hades finally conceded to Demeter’s demands. Before bringing Persephone back to the surface, Hades offered her to eat the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. Persephone knew what this meant, but she still willingly ate a few of the seeds

Zeus asked Persephone where she wanted to live, and she honestly answered in front of her mother and the Gods that she wanted to live with her husband, Hades. Demeter accused Hades of influencing Persephone through various means, and a fight ensued.

Zeus had to calm both sides, so he decided to let Persephone stay half a year with her husband and half a year with her mother in Olympus. No side was satisfied with this, but they had no choice but to accept it.

The story of Persephone is an allegory for the seasons of the year. Autumn and Winter are the periods where Persephone spends time in the Underworld, while Spring and Summer are when she returns to live with her Mother, Demeter.

While the abduction and forceful marriage with Hades is a thing she detested at some point, Persephone managed to make the best of this situation and become a great Ruler of the Underworld and started to love Hades.

Persephone Tattoo Ideas

A Persephone tattoo can be represented by both the dual sides of Persephone, on one hand, the Goddess of Spring and Flowers, and on the other hand, the Goddess of Underworld. You can then have a field day in picking both symbols and meaning for your next tattoo.

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The flowers and grain seeds symbolize the rebirth of Spring and the coming of Summer, and all the lush greenery it brings with it. Meanwhile, the pomegranate represents the fall and decay that the colder seasons bring with it and the division between life and death. From the green fields in Summer to the cold and dead earth of Winter.

After you have picked your element or the idea behind your Persephone tattoo, the next step would be deciding how it should look. Neo-traditional in style, blackwork, or going full color on it. No matter what style you pick, we encourage you to consult with your tattoo artist, as only the opinion of a pro artist can bring forth the unique vision of your tattoo.

A unique Persephone tattoo is sure to turn heads, and the owner would be proud to have such a tattoo.

Persephone Tattoo Design

And as always, as we always recommend to our viewers, always be inspired whenever possible by already existing tattoos, but always create a unique piece, that both represents you and your views upon the world.

There is nothing quite like a unique piece that you can impress the people close to you with. The person that will wear the tattoo has to have a vision of the tattoo, while the artist is the creator of the piece.

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