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He is Odysseus, The Legendary Hero, the main character in Homer‘s “Oddysey“, and one of the craftiest and trickiest to deal with characters in Greek Mythology.

The “Odyssey” is one of the two oldest epic poems written by Homer during his lifetime, the other one being the “Illiad“, which to this day are both the oldest and most-read epic poems by modern audiences.

The Oddysey follows the long journey of the King of Ithaca, Odysseus from the Trojan War back to his family and describes all the trials and tribulations he had to go through.

Artists, sculptors, and songwriters throughout history paid homage to Homer and his character Odysseus through various mediums. Lately, people have chosen to depict the brave Hero in any type of Odysseus tattoo, which could be a testament to the journey of Odysseus.

First of all, the Odyssey is an ode to a long and arduous journey, one wrought with dangers and enemies, adventures and things of wonder. It’s a journey of a King that is trying to get back to his family, after honoring his vow of helping in the Trojan War.

Odysseus Tattoo Meaning

Odysseus was known among his people as an eloquent speaker, he was known for his cunning and ingenuity. He was once among the suitors of Helen, but he settled for her cousin Penelope and had a happy marriage alongside her and his son Telemachus. But one day he was called upon his vow to honor it. A prophecy told him that if he participated in the Trojan War it would be a long time before he can return home to his family.

It was said that Odysseus played a major role in the Trojan War, for without him, the Greeks would have never managed to sack Troy.

Odysseus was the genius behind the Trojan Horse. He came up with the plan of constructing a wooden structure, that kept the Greek soldiers inside, while the greek army feigned retreat. Meanwhile, the Trojans considered that the Greeks retreated and left a peace offering at their doors.

So they decided to bring the wooden horse inside. Little did they know, that inside the structure were Greek soldiers waiting for nightfall to come and sack the drunk Trojan soldiers.

Thus the war that went on for years was ended due to the craftiness of one person.

Even if the Greeks adored Odysseus, the Romans reviled him. They knew him as Ulysses, a cruel person. They considered themselves descendants of Trojans.

After the fall of Troy, Odysseus would take the ten-year-long journey back to his home in Ithaca. He went through many trials and tribulations.

Odysseus proved through his 20-year-long journey that he is a man of greatness, capable of going through countless trials. Of course, doing so requires strength of fortitude, character, and willpower to match the gods.

An Odysseus tattoo fits a crafty person, one that can have the wisdom and knowledge necessary to pass any obstacle.

Odysseus Tattoo Ideas

An Odysseus tattoo is not for the faint of heart. Artists throughout history tried to bring to life an image of Odysseus, using different mediums. Songs, poems, stories, and lately even tattoos.

There are plenty of sources from which you can take inspiration for your next Odysseus tattoo. The entire Odyssey tells the story of the adventure of Odysseus and of the number of foes and trials he had to pass so he can get back home to his family.

One can pick even the model of the statue of Odysseus, or of the boat that sailed on the seas of Poseidon. Another worthy element that should be picked as a symbol of Odysseus, is the Trojan Horse. The mobile construction without which the Trojan War would have lasted longer.

In his journey, Odysseus passed by the Island of Sirens. The legend told that sirens were capable of luring the seafarers to their death by their mesmerizing songs, which enchanted them. While being mesmerized the sailors would drive their ships to the sharp stones of the island, thus driving them to their death.

Odysseus instructed his crew to wear beeswax over their ear and told them to tie Odysseus to the mast so he could not escape and force the others to sail to their death. Such a feat is worthy of being imprinted in a tattoo, and as it turns out, someone already did so. They tattooed the scene from an ancient urn on which was drawn this scene.

Odysseus Tattoo Designs

And as always, as we always recommend to our viewers, always be inspired whenever possible by already existing tattoos, but always create a unique piece, that both represents you and your views upon the world.

There is nothing quite like a unique piece that you can impress the people close to you with. The person that will wear the tattoo has to have the vision of the tattoo, while the artist is the creator of the piece.

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