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We all love and enjoy reading about Greek Mythology. Especially about Gods and their victories, or about demigods and their feats. Today we are exploring the myth of Nike, the Goddess of Victory whom everyone wished would turn her gaze upon their fate!

She is the Winged Goddess, who was often associated with Zeus and Athena and would often fly a chariot above the battlefields, granting glory to the warriors that fought in battles. Her Roman equivalent name was Victoria.

Ancient statues often portrayed Nike as a Goddess with wings, same for pictures and stories. People have even turned their eyes toward a Nike Tattoo, one that would inspire them to reach for greatness.

Nike Tattoo Meaning

Some stories mention Nike as being the daughter of Styx and Pallas while some accounts mention Ares as being Nike’s father. Ancient Greeks worshipped Nike because they believe the Goddess would grant them strength and bring them immortality, enough to accomplish their tasks that required more than ordinary prowess.

During Titanomachy, Nike was among the first to join Zeus and his side against Cronus, thus gaining an honored place on his side. She was known as his chief charioteer, gaining great honor from doing this!

Considering her feats, one would consider Nike as being an important figurehead in the Pantheon, but no, she retained a minor role, most of the time being the supporter of Zeus and Athena.

The story goes that anyone sighting Nike upon the battlefield would immediately gain back lost strength, and would be able to fight with more fervor, wishing for the Goddess to turn her gaze on them and grant them victory.

Nike Tattoo Ideas

Nike’s usual appearance is that of a woman clad in robes, sporting a pair of huge wings. She often appears carrying either the staff of Hermes or a sword in hand, while either driving the Divine Charriot or simply using her huge wings to fly above the battlefield.

The most famous depiction of Nike is of an antique statue, called “Winged Victory of Samothrace“. It is a statue of Nike, without any head and arms, with wings, in the posture of the bow of a ship. Other writings mention that when alone or above the battlefield, Nike would have wings. Meanwhile, being around somebody, she would keep her wings closed.

In literature, Nike is portrayed as being around Zeus and Athena most of the time. She gained this honorable position by being among the first to join the side of Zeus in the Titanomachy war.

A Nike Tattoo can be quite moving, especially when it comes to her posture of her with her wings out while carrying a laurel sheet. One can always find inspiration from the literature, sculptures, and from various works of art, especially when it comes to picking an inspiration for a Nike Tattoo.

If you have chosen your posture, the next step is picking the style of the tattoo. Whether you prefer a more traditional style, maybe some blackwork, or just a dash of color on it, or maybe you want to go full-colored, whatever your style, we urge you to speak with a professional first, to work on your design, as the opinion of a professional can help you deeply with finding your chosen tattoo.

And as always, as we always recommend to our viewers, always be inspired whenever possible by already existing tattoos, but always create a unique piece, that both represents you and your views upon the world.

There is nothing quite like a unique piece that you can impress the people close to you with. A great tattoo artist will guide you towards your desired tattoo, as long as you both are in sync with the details of the tattoo.

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