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Loki Tattoo

Loki, the “Trickster God” is a somewhat peculiar existence in the Norse Pantheon. It was said that he was a member of the Aesir Tribe, and was a ruling deity alongside Odin, the Allfather, Thor, the God of Thunder and Lightning, and Frigg , the Goddess of Fertility and Marriage.

Loki however was considered to have been a Trickster. Often times he would help the Aesir Tribe out of trouble, and other times he was the reason the Norse Pantheon was in trouble in the first place. He was neither an evil god nor a good one, but one who considered that life had more to offer than chaos and order.

Lately, in the past few decades with the introduction of Loki in the Marvel Comic books and lately in the Avengers movies, portrayed by actor Tom Hiddleston, Loki gained new traction when it comes to popularity, but that also brought forth change in people’s perception, such as Loki‘s relation with Thor.

In movies, they are portrayed as half brothers, due to Loki being adopted by Odin and raised in his household. In real Norse Mythology, things are a bit more complicated than this. We will delve a bit deeper into this later on.

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Norse mythology left its footprint on the world, partly due to the spreading of the Scandinavian people, such as the Vikings, and their ideology. Due to the raids all over Europe and neighboring countries, the mythos spread further and more people found out about the Norse Pantheon.

Although the Pantheon did only resist for hundreds of years, it eventually collapsed, due to the Christian conversion, it can still be said that the Nordics had an interesting history and religion, and each deity in it deserves a spotlight.

Other than the works of art, such as paintings, writings, verbal stories, and songs dedicated to the Norse Pantheon, there are others who prefer a different route to show their appreciation of Norse history, such as people deciding to get a piece of Nordic history tattooed on their body.

It can be said that having a Loki tattoo on your body is not for the faint of heart, due to the complexity of such a deity, and partly because of his relationship with his tribe and enemies. But we are here to discover what makes such a Loki tattoo worthy in the face of many.

Loki Tattoo Meaning

Loki was the son of Fárbauti, a jötunn, and of Laufey, and in the Norse mythos, it was said that he and Odin made a blood pact in which Loki swore that he would never harm Odin and his family, but help them and that Odin on his turn would never harm Loki.

Due to Loki’s mischievous and plotting attitude, the Aesir tribe was often in trouble, while other times they were forced to seek Loki for help, partly due to the same nature. There are many tales that describe Loki’s recklessness that end up with him in trouble and having to refer to cowardly acts so that he can ultimately survive, no matter the cost. For example, some stories that show Loki’s true nature are The Kidnapping of Idun, The Creation of Thor’s Hammer, and The Fortification of Asgard.

By the giantess Angrboda, Loki is the father of Hel, the goddess of the Underworld; Jormungand, the great serpent who slays Thor during Ragnarok; and Fenrir, the wolf who bites off one of the hands of Tyr and who kills Odin during Ragnarok.

Loki is tied to the Death of Baldur, an act that starts announces the beginning of Ragnarok. A prophecy tells the death of Baldur, the most beloved of Gods, so to fight against his fate, his mother Freya goes around the land securing a promise from each living thing, but they omit to secure a promise from mistletoe because gods considered that to be too small to pose a threat to Baldur.

Loki founds out about the mistletoe and devises a plan in which he would fashion a spearhead from the mistletoe, places it in the hands of the blind god Hod, and instructs him to throw it at Baldur. Thinking that it’s a prank and that nothing could harm Baldur, Hod throws the spear, which impales Baldur, and ends up killing him.

For this scheme and the many crimes against the Aesir tribe, Loki is imprisoned inside a cave and has poison dripping onto him continuously. The drops of venom that fall onto him cause him to writhe in agony, and these convulsions create earthquakes. He would be imprisoned until he escapes at Ragnarok.

If you have a more mischievous side, or you’re of an opinion that life doesn’t have to be black or white, but comes with a multitude of other shades, then you should consider a Loki tattoo as your next piece. Because let’s be honest, the idea of having such a multifaceted deity as a tattoo is not very common and should be more popular.

Loki Tattoo Ideas

What is more surprising about Loki is his ability to shapeshift, and to turn into various beings, such as a female horse, shapeshift into other people and even change his gender or become various animals.

The Norse stories often describe Loki as a handsome man with blonde hair, capable of shapeshifting. Although with the rise of Marvel comic books and movies, Loki was portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, a darkly handsome man, often wearing a double-horned helmet, a cape, and wielding daggers as weapons of choice.

When it comes to a Loki tattoo, the shape-shifting ability can be very helpful, as it can give you more options to design, as opposed to other Gods that only have one or two elements that describe them.

It’s important the style of tattooing if you decide to either go full blackwork, or go the more traditional style of inking, or maybe you decide to add some color to the drawings.

Whatever style you prefer it’s important that you always consider the lore and legends when it comes to getting informed about your next tattoo, especially if you decide to get a tattoo of a deity with a rich lore.

Another thing that can help you to decide what your tattoo will look like is to discuss first and foremost with your tattoo artist of choice, and ask for their opinion because let’s be honest, they bring valuable expertise when it comes to tattoos, and they can help you to decide between a good and bad tattoo.

A unique tattoo will always bring a smile to anyone seeing it, and you will be proud to wear such a tattoo for the rest of your life. So do your due diligence and try to create an amazing tattoo!

Loki Tattoo Design

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