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You might know the creature by his title “World Snake” or by “Midgard Serpent“, rather than by the real name of Jörmungandr. The creature is so enourmous that he encircled the whole of Midgard, and ended up biting its own tail. It is prophesized that when Jormungandr releases the bite on his tail, then it is the moment when he joins up in Ragnarok to fight against the Nordic Gods.

Jormungandr is one of the three children of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, alongside Fenrir, the wolf who bites off one of the hands of Tyr and who kills Odin during Ragnarok, and Hel, the goddess of the Underworld.

The Serpent is prophesized to have his last battle at Ragnarok against the God of Thunder and Lightning, Thor, and after a gruesome fight, the Serpent ends up getting killed, but in turn Thor ends up poisoned by Jormungandr and after taking nine steps, he falls down on the ground breathing his last breath.

Jormungandr is such a fearsome monster, that it’s story and myth keeps on living on, even to this day. People through the ages wrote stories about the serpent, sang songs, and used it’s name as a cautionary tale, one to frighten the listener. Lately people decided to get done even Jormungandr tattoos, maybe to bring an omage to a once fearsome mythological creature. We’re going to find out today why people find it compeling getting Jormungandr tattoos.

Jormungandr Tattoos Meaning

In the last years, partly due to the release of the God of War new instalment, people ended up discovering the existance of World Serpent, and the huge scope of the size and threat it could pose to any deity, if it so inclined, and more and more people felt inclined to have Jormungandr tattoos on their body.

Jormungandr is said first of all to have been a serpent or a dragonic creature that lived in the depths of the ocean surrounding Midgard. At first, right after it’s birth, the gods due to a prophecy realised the threat Jormungandr would pose to their pantheon, so they tried to get rid of it by throwing it into the ocean. Turns out that was a big mistake, because the serpent would end up devouring all lifeforms in the ocean, turning gigantic in just a short time.

We mentioned earlier that Thor was his father enemy, but as it turns out, they had more than one encounter. First time Thor tried to fish Jormungandr out of the ocean, and he was just about to catch the serpent, but fearing that Ragnarok would be brought forth, the giant Hymir that accompanied Thor in this voyage, severed the line of the fishing rod, letting Jormungandr return to the depths of the ocean. The next time Jormungandr and Thor would meet, would be at Ragnarok.

Due to the myth of Jormungandr biting its own tail, the creature can be considered a perfect Ouroboros. An Ouroboros can be considered as a the cycle of life and death, decay and rebirth, with the cycle repeating over and over for eternity.

Just like in other religions, Jormungandr represents the mythological symbol of the snake, where the snake universally symbolizez the rejuvenation, transformation, due to their ability to shed their skin, and appear as new.

Jormungandr can be said that it closely resembles the Egyptian Demon God, Apophis, who was said that every-night it would battle with the Sun God Ra, all to plunge the world into eternal chaos. But each night it would be banished back to it’s realm, having to resume their fight the next night.

So what does it mean for people to have Jormungandr tattoos on their body? For one it means that the wearer has good taste in mythological creatures. There is nothing more bad-ass than a creature large enough to encircle the whole world and fight to the death with the God of Lightning and Thunder to both of their deaths.

You can be certain that it takes some people a certain type of bravery to wear Jormungandr tattoos on their body. It can be said that the serpent gives them strength to face any adversary and task and finish them succesfully with their heads held high.

Just like the ancient people who tattooed runes and creatures on their body, in the hopes of borrowing the vitality and strength, the same could be applied to today’s people, when they consider getting such a tattoo. May your tattoo give you strength in the following decades to come!

Jormungandr Tattoos Ideas

With the shape of a serpent, you can have the basis for the tattoo, now it only remains to create it as monstrous as the myths portrait the creature. We recommend doing a full blackwork or black and white for it, just because it accentuates the fearsomeness of the creature.

An interesting look for a tattoo would be to see the serpent encircling Midgard, or to have a scenery in which Jormungandr fights Thor in their last Ragnarok battle. There are various instances in which Jormungandr can be portrayed, you only need to find them in the lore, and if history is not enough, you can bring it to life by giving your own spin to the Jormungandr tale.

You can play around with the idea of Ouroboros as well. You can even go further and make the sinous forms in the form of lemniscate (infinity shape), the number 8. Or maybe the form of the snake eating it’s tail might suit your taste more. Both ideas are worth exploring, due to each forms different meaning. The Ouroboros for the cycle of life and death, and the other shape for infinity and immortality.

The different drawing styles are all worth exploring, you might even surprise us with new Jormungandr tattoos with different and unique spins on them. We would love to see new and different styles of inking blending with the myths of old past times.

As always, we cannot stress enough how important is to read about the significance of your tattoo from various sources, and if it’s such an old creature and you have an entire lore behind it, even better. You might want lore fidelity, or you might want to bring a new and modern look to the mythos. And for that, we recommend that you always consult first with your tattoo artist of choice, and to try to create a unique tattoo that you can be proud of.

Jormungandr Tattoos Design

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