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Hermes Tattoos

Messenger of Gods, Fastest God in the entire realm, Herald of Gods, or the divine trickster. These are a few of the titles that Hermes or Mercury in Roman mythology is known. The Messenger of Gods deserves to be tattooed in ink! So for those leading an adventuring life, the Hermes Tattoo is a perfect fit then!

In history, Hermes was known to be one of the sacred Twelve Olympians. His parents are the Ruler of Heavens, Zeus, and Maia, one of the oldest of the seven Pleiades. He is also the second-youngest Olympian, just older than Dionysus.

Hermes was known to be a protector of travelers, thieves, orators, and human heralds. He was also considered a deity who helped in guiding the souls of the deceased to the afterlife, due to his nature as a god of boundaries, the boundary between life and death.

The image of Hermes differed in Greek culture and art. On one account he appears in Archaic Greece as a mature man, with a beard, dressed in various garments, be it that of a shepherd, herald, or traveler. In Hellenistic Greece, Hermes appears as an athletic young man, lacking a beard.

Hermes easily became the favorite of other Olympian Gods. Zeus was fascinated with his son’s sharp and quick-witted mind. He would often use Hermes’s cleverness to assist him in various myths.

Hermes would often prank the other gods, such as stealing Artemis‘s arrows, or Poseidon‘s trident. So Zeus gave the job of herald and messenger of the gods to his son Hermes, so he could be kept busy and not cause any mischief.

So now we will delve deeper into why people choose to get Hermes Tattoos as their next piece.

Hermes Tattoo Meaning

In mythology, Hermes was considered a Messenger of Gods. He was the quickest in the land, able to convey messages between the divine realms, the world of mortals, and the underworld. As a divine herald and messenger, he was seen as wearing winged sandals, or as wearing a winged cap in Roman mythology.

Wing tattoos, especially ankle wings can be represented by restless souls, looking to always keep on moving, not staying in one place, and always chasing the next adventure.

Hermes is considered both a protector and a trickster. In Homer’s Illiad, Hermes was called “the bringer of good luck” and a guardian and guide.

He is often depicted as always carrying around him a caduceus, a staff with two intertwined snakes, crowned with a sphere and a pair of wings. It was said to have had the power to induce sleep into people or wake them up.

Snakes in ancient history represented deep wisdom and arcane knowledge. The two snakes coiled on the caduceus can be seen as a merge between the good and the evil in a person’s nature.

Hermes Tattoo Ideas

As we mentioned earlier, most of Hermes’ ancient statues show him as being an Athletic young man, sporting a winged cap, winged sandals, and his trustworthy caduceus.

A lot of tattoos about ancient gods use the basis of a statue as a model for their tattoos. From there, the artists bring to life the vision of the wearer. Ancient stonemasons were able to bring to life a dead marble stone, with only stone chisels and hammers and etch life into it, creating magnum opuses worthy of lasting for millenniums.

A way to showcase a person’s creativity can be shown through the way colors are embracing the tattoo. Colorful and vibrant nuances can describe the cheerful personality of a person, while on the other hand a darker tone of colors or lack of them all can show a person’s mature side.

As always, we recommend that you get inspired by the work done by artists, but as always, talk with your tattoo artist of choice and try to create a unique piece that fits your personality and journey in life!

Hermes Tattoo Designs

And as always, we leave you with a bit of request, that you always create a unique tattoo for yourself, one that represents your feelings and your journeys. A good tattoo artist will always guide you toward your desired tattoo!

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