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Hera Tattoos

If you are thinking of picking your next tattoo to be the Queen of Olympus, then you know that a Hera Tattoo is a perfect choice.

Hera is one of the twelve Olympians and the sister and wife of Zeus. She is the goddess of marriage, women, family, and childbirth, in the ancient Greek religion and mythology.

She is the daughter of Rhea and Titan Cronus. She rules over the Olympian pantheon as Queen of the Gods.

One of her most known characteristics is her jealous and vengeful nature against Zeus’s many lovers and illegitimate offsprings and against mortals that had wronged her.

She is known in Roman mythology as Juno, wife of Jupiter.

Hera Tattoos Meaning

From among Greek mythology, Hera tattoos have always been in vogue, always representing royalty, power, beauty, and art.

A tattoo such as Hera, the Olympian queen befits any strong-willed person that has the mind and will to act gracefully, be strong against the opposition, and hold her ground in every situation.

As Greek Mythology tells us, Zeus was not a very faithful husband. He had multiple partners on multiple occasions, which led to Hera trying to save face and punish the offenders! You would be a fool to cross such a deity! Therefore, such a tattoo would be a great fit for someone who has been hurt in love, or who always fought until the last moment for their relationship.

Hera Tattoo Ideas

Hera is most commonly depicted alongside some of her favorite animals, the lion, the peacock, and the cow which she considered sacred so incorporating any of these animals in a tattoo can be a great fit to it.

Hera has always been a muse to ancient sculptors and painters who tried to create an image of her befitting her royal status. She is always portrayed as solemn and royal in her posture, while she may hold a pomegranate in her hand, an emblem of fertile blood.

The most common depiction in a Hera tattoo is of her statues. Black tattoos can any Hera tattoo justice, and if you have some splash of color in it, it can do wonders to it!

Hera Tattoo Design

We always encourage our readers to be inspired by multiple sources but to always discuss with their tattoo artists how they should proceed with an idea for a brand new tattoo.

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