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Who is more celebrated as a patron of metalworkers and blacksmiths, if not the Greek God Hephaestus?. Is it any wonder then that he is a popular choice when it comes to picking a Hephaestus Tattoo as the next tattoo?

When someone first thinks of the Greek Pantheon, first of all, picture the Almighty Zeus and his lightning bolt, or his brother which rules the seas, the Mighty Poseidon, or the Bringer of Death, ruler of the Underworld, the dreadful Hades.

Because as in most stories, only the strongest get recognition. But one would be wrong to skip over one of the most extraordinary members of the Olympian Pantheon. Known to be the only ugly one among perfect beings, Hephaestus was known to be a master craftsman, known as the God of Fire and Metalworking. He was also known in Roman mythos as Vulcan.

Hephaestus was said to have been the son of Zeus and Hera. He was hated by his mother for being an ugly being so she threw him out. This resulted in Hephaestus being severely hurt from the fall. He had his revenge on his mother when he crafted a golden throne that ensnared her upon sitting on the throne.

Hephaestus Tattoo Meaning

He was associated with volcanoes, the Greek mythology suggesting that his workshop lay underneath a volcano, which he used as a forge. He also had his own palace within Olympus where he had his workshop filled with his anvil and bellows. He was the being that created all the armor and weapons for the Olympians. He made the winged helmet and sandals for Hermes, a chariot for Apollo.

Hephaestus was known to be a wise, skilled, and intelligent being. He would often help those who called upon his help. He is linked with many Greek gods and heroes in history because of his nature, and for his contribution to the creation of many legendary items throughout mythology.

Just like the god Hephaestus, a tattoo bearing his mark is meant for those that are creative people, like to work and create with their hands, have an inquisitive spirit, and like to tinker with ideas.

A Hephaestus tattoo is for those that are not against hard work, fighting against adversity day in and day out, just to reach their goal, and finish their tasks masterfully. A Hephaestus tattoo is perfect for the kind of people who despite the tribulation they are going through they still manage to fight it out and reach the goal they desire.

Hephaestus Tattoo Ideas

Hephaestus is synonymous with fire, metalworking, sculpture, and volcanoes.

An anvil tattoo symbolizes a person’s will to go through the process of hard work and do it valiantly without erring from the steps it takes to finish a job masterfully.

The anvil, the pincers, the hammer, and Hephaestus’s symbols. Hephaestus tattoos are usually done in a portrait style so that they can reflect the classic paintings that portray him.

Hephaestus is the one that created the Aegis, the shield that Athena carries. He also created the arrows of Cupid. He also crafted the armor that Achilles wore in the Trojan War.

In most art, Hephaestus is depicted as bending over an anvil or walking with the assistance of a cane.

Hephaestus Tattoo Designs

As always, we urge our readers to be inspired by created tattoos but to make a unique piece that fits their own character and preference. Spice it up with unique flavors.

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