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Hecate in the Greek Mythology is a conflicted character, representing the crossroads, magic, and sorcery alongside being a representation of the Moon. She was also considered as being a protector of the household, or as it was known in ancient Greek, Oikos.

Just as Hecate was represented throughout history through poems, and works of art such as statues to represent her three sides or various paintings that dwell in museums, the same can be said for ink artists that create Hecate tattoos on the skin of people who feel like the Goddess represents them and their beliefs. We’ll delve deeper into what it means to wear Hecate tattoos on your body.

Hecate Tattoos Meaning

Some sources tell us that Hecate was the daughter of Perses and Asteria, while others mention Hecate as being the daughter of either Zeus and Demeter, or even the daughter of the Titan Leto.

Hecate was known to have been a goddess shrouded in mystery and was commonly associated with the darker side of magic, witchcraft, and sorceries.

In Zeus’s eyes, Hecate was most rewarded, for her actions during the Titanomachy, when she sided with Zeus. So he offered her a plethora of gifts, such as a portion of the earth, a part of the barren sea, and even a piece of the starry skies.

Some accounts tell us that Hecate was the protective goddess of hunters, warriors, shepherds, and children. That’s why throughout Greek history people made offerings to Hecate in the form of sacrifices or even food, at the start of each new moon, at the crossroads.

Sorcerers especially tended to see Hecate as their patron goddess, while giving offerings to Hecate it was said that they would receive in exchange the guiding hand of Hecate to help them in their spells and witchcraft.

Hecate Tattoos Idea

To anyone looking into Hecate tattoos, they should know that Hecate was part of the original triple goddess. A sacred symbol to Wiccans, she was part of the Triple Goddess, representing the three phases of the moon, and also the phases through which a woman goes. From Maiden to Mother and lastly to Crone.

The Maiden was represented by Persephone, for the beginnings and purity. Mother was known to have been Demeter, goddess of harvests and bringer of life. While Crone was known to have been Hecate, representing wisdom, knowledge, and endings. Meanwhile, in Roman Mythology, part of the Triple Goddess was Luna (Selene) goddess of the moon in the sky, Goddess Diana (Artemis) representing the Earth, while Hecate known in Roman Mythology as Goddess Trivia, represented the Underworld.

In Greek Mythology, it was noticed that Hecate was always surrounded by her hounds, sometimes even accompanied by ghosts. Due to her association with the Underworld, most creatures of the night tended to obey Hecate and be her eyes and ears. She is recognized as being a chthonic Goddess, holding the keys that allow her to travel between realms, while also being able to access Death.

We did at some point mention that Hecate was known as being the Goddess of Crossroads. On three-way crossways it was often found a statue of Hecate, providing safety and comfort to travelers. The Hecate statues often had 2 torches, one in each hand to provide light and guidance to both sides of a path.

It is said that Hecate also had the keys of Tartaros. Just like Hermes, Hecate was known as having the role of a protecting goddess, while also being able to provide passage to the souls of the deceased into the afterlife.

If you’re considering one or more Hecate tattoos, then first you have to know what you’re looking for to be the main element. Maybe an image of the triple goddess? Or maybe some sorcerous elements that make up the base for the tattoo? Oh, and don’t forget about the Moon (La Luna) since it is a big element that represents Hecate. After that you need to decide the style of the tattoo, and if you go for full black works or add a splash of color to it.

In all our posts we urge our readers to get inspired by the lore and graphic materials, when it comes to picking a tattoo, and to always ask the opinion of a tattoo artist, as only the opinion of a professional can be the detrimental option for a good or bad tattoo.

Hecate Tattoos Design

As long as you and your tattoo artist are in sync then you can be sure that the result would be a unique piece, that will be sure to turn heads and receive admiration from onlookers.

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