99 STUNNING GRIFFIN TATTOO: Meanings, Tattoo Ideas & Tattoo Designs


Often used as Coat-Of-Arms in the medieval era, or as the household symbol on items and architectural design, the Griffin was a symbol of nobility, chivalry, and bravery, and was considered a positive being, capable of standing toe to toe with the fearsome Dragon, representative of evil and of the night to come!

But its origins lie further back, to ancient times of the Greek age, when it was first described as being a being with a head of an eagle, the body of a lion, and the talons and wings of a mighty eagle. The griffon, or Griffin as it is more commonly known, is said to have been a mythological creature, often described in legends.

Artists throughout ages have brought homages to the image and idea of a griffon, be it paintings, poems, novels, household items, or Coat-of-Arms. Lately, people have even decided to permanently ink this creature on their body, giving birth to the wave of Griffin Tattoo.


The Griffin is considered to have been a hybrid, a combination of two or more creatures into a body. Therefore it can be said that through extension, the griffin represents the duality of men and their nature, the struggle between the mind and the body, and the soul.

So what does it mean to wield such a powerful creature on your skin as a tattoo? Does it instill bravery in the wearer? Does it bring a sense of direction, a higher calling in the person? Who can say, only the one wearing such a tattoo can say. One thing is for certain, the Griffin deserves to be immortalized on the skin, only for the idea it represents, that of a majestic creature that soars ever higher into the sky.

One simply cannot go wrong if they want a Griffin Tattoo as their next piece. The nobility and fearlessness behind such a tattoo are reasons enough to pick it up.


A Griffin Tattoo can be very versatile, especially going well with each body part. Depending on the skin area where you’ll pick your tattoo, you can give your artist a lot of room to maneuver around, and create a stunning piece of art. The arm can allow you to create a slim to medium tattoo, which can be perfect for a more simplistic design.

The same goes for the leg or calf area, where you do not have very much space to have an extensive piece. But that does not mean you cannot create a unique Griffin Tattoo, one which can bring out the best of qualities from such a divine creature.

The chest or the back area is the most optimal place if you want to create a bigger tattoo, and the artist will have a bigger canvas on which they can carve their design. Having a bigger spot for a tattoo usually means the details will be even more accentuated, usually attracting even more attention for having the bravery of getting such a large part of your body tattooed.

After you decided on the spot where you’ll get the tattoo, you need to decide upon the style of drawing. Do you prefer a neo-traditional style? Or maybe you’re more of a fan of realism, or full black work? Maybe even add a dash of color to it? Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll go ahead and get mad with color and create a bright design?

Whatever your style of choice, we always encourage our readers to always get inspired by the lore and all the sources they can find, but ultimately create a unique tattoo alongside their artist of choice, as only the opinion of a professional can help you choose between a flop and a great work of art.


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