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If Earth ever had in the Greek Mythology a personification, then Gaia would be that one. She is the Mother of all things beautiful and breathing. She is the progenitor from which all life arose.

Gaia one day spontaneously appeared out of Chaos or from Nothingness as stories tell us. Gaia was considered to have been a Primordial Entity, from which other Deities were brought to life.

Gaia was the Greek equivalent of a Mother figure that the entire planet had. Artists through millennials have tried to bring homage to such a Divine being, through songs, sculptures, and works of art. Lately, some people went one step further and picked as a homage a Gaia Tattoo on their body, to signify this divine being!

Gaia Tattoo Meaning

First, there was Chaos, dark, devoid of any life made of matter. He is the origin of everything and the first thing to have existed. Some have even theorized that Chaos is the space that divides the Earth and Sky.

Then in the form of Earth sprung forth Gaia. She was the Mother of all life and among the first beings to have been brought to life from Chaos. Alongside her other beings were brought up, Eros(Love), Tartarus(Underworld), Erebus(Darkness), and Nyx (Night).

For many years Gaia felt lonely, so she created Uranus, to which she gave control over Heaven and Skies. After that, she created Pontus, which she allowed to rule the seas, and Ourea to which she gave the mountains to take care.

After this period of time, followed the creation of Titans. It happened when Gaia laid together with her son Uranus. This union resulted in the birth of Cronus, the first and original Titan. With the birth of Titans, Gaia became known as Mother Goddess.

The second time Gaia laid with Uranus she sired the Cyclopes.

She is the Grandmother of Zeus and some Olympic Gods and Goddesses.

Many myths of creation are attributed to Gaia, who became known throughout the Ancient Greek World. Greek temples were dedicated all over in honor of Gaia, this signifying just how important Gaia was in the creation of the world, and how loved she was by all creatures, from mortals to gods and titans.

Gaia often is portrayed in art as a woman seating with a calm look on her face, being viewed as an ultimate icon for female fertility and femininity.

Gaia Tattoo Design

So enough chit-chat, you’re here because you’ve considered having a Gaia Tattoo as your next tattoo, and you want even more reasons to pick one? Well, first of all, a Gaia Tattoo would make anyone watching it get jealous of its wearer. What is more divine than a tattoo of Mother Earth, the bringer of all life?

Ancient Greeks, sculptors, painters, musicians, and poets dedicated entire lifeworks to honoring Gaia, and nature all around them, while modern tattoo artists pay their homage with ink on skin.

Gaia was described as being a gentle mother, as such statues of her were of a female with a serene gaze, while modern times describe her as a fertile female with long hair covered with flowers, often wondering the woods and mountains.

The modern approach to a Gaia tattoo starts by first becoming familiar with the myths, then seeing what can be incorporated into the tattoo and what works best with the wearer’s personality.

The next step is picking the location for the tattoo and the size of it. Do you want a small or a bigger tattoo? Position over the chest, arms, or even the neck?

After you’ve chosen your stance, next follows the look and feel of the tattoo. Traditional tattoos are more your style? Maybe blackwork or full color? Whatever your preferred style, we are here to present you with some amazing Gaia tattoos that will surely inspire you to let your imagination go wild.

Gaia Tattoo Ideas

Just remember, we are here to present you with inspiration for your next tattoo. It is your responsibility to make a unique piece that you can be proud to wear for the rest of your life. So be sure to consult with your tattoo artist to create an amazing piece!

There is nothing quite like a unique piece that you can impress the people close to you with. A great tattoo artist will guide you towards your desired tattoo, as long as you both are in sync with the details of the tattoo.

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