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Chronos Tattoo

He is known as Monarch of Time, a Primordial Being that revolved around the Primordial World Egg until it split apart to create the Earth, Heaven, and Seas. Greek Mythology tells us that Chronos might have been among the first Primordial beings to have been born in the Universe. He is also known to have been the personification of Time in Ancient Greece.

Throughout time there have been countless attempts by artists and craftsmen to create something worthy of being an homage to the Ruler of Time and to have a touch of their mastery etched in works of art that last countless ages.

From paintings, statues, and poems, we go on the other spectrum of art, at tattoos, as we are trying to see why people would pick a Chronos Tattoo to etch on their skin.

Chronos Tattoo Meaning

So what does it mean to have a Chronos Tattoo? The image of Chronos became spread as the Being who controls time, the one who holds the life of all mortals and immortals in his life. He is the Being that holds the greatest power in the universe, time, which forever flows in one direction. As all things start, so must there be an end to them. The same principle applies to both mortals and gods.

A Chronos tattoo symbolizes the present moment, a wish, and a reminder for the wearer that any moment is precious and should not be wasted.

Who here hasn’t wasted moments in their lives, thinking that we have enough time to do the tasks that were set upon us, and we delay them for the next day? And so next day becomes next week, and next week becomes next year?

When we are young, we don’t feel the passing of time, as children we think that the time ahead of us is infinite. But as we grow older, we feel the years passing quickly, and once we start wearing a crane we have the feeling that we don’t have enough time to do all the tasks we wanted to experiment with when we were young and delayed.

Such a Chronus tattoo would be especially a useful reminder for us, to cherish each moment and not delay the quests the world set upon us.

Chronos Tattoo Ideas

Because of name similarity, Chronos was often confused with the Titan Cronus, and during the Renaissance period, this became more accentuated, giving birth to the image of Father Time wielding a scythe. The Scythe is the instrument that Gaia provided Cronus to use against his father, Ouranos, and castrate him.

The most common element of time, and by which its passing is considered is first of all the clock, and its predecessor, the hourglass. One could always implement these two elements in their tattoo, to give even more meaning to their next piece.

Among the first descriptions of Chronos the ancients wrote, lies the description of Chronos as seen to have the shape of a three-headed serpent. The heads were those of a man, a bull, and a lion. Further, in time from paintings and historic writings, we see Chronos as a Being with wings, with the shape of an elder man with a bearded face, wielding either a Scythe or having an hourglass in his hand.

There are a lot of great tattoos that fit different styles of drawings, some opt for a more traditional style, other for a modern approach, while others go for a more realistic drawing. Whatever your preferred style, we urge you to always try to create a unique piece.

From what we saw, most picks for a Chronos tattoo are of black and white style, while only a few opt for the colored pieces. But we always embrace a more wild approach and try to bring a little color into our tattoos and into our lives.

Chronos Tattoo Design

We leave this piece here, as a reminder to get inspired by as many sources as you can, to have a rough image in your head about your next tattoo, but to always consult and try to listen to the tattoo artists’ opinions for your next piece, as the advice of a professional can decide between a flop or a great tattoo.

There is nothing quite like a unique piece that you can impress the people close to you with. A great tattoo artist will guide you towards your desired tattoo, as long as you both are in sync with the details of the tattoo.

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