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Greek mythology has always been full of wonders, wild tales, of Gods and their fights against various beasts or Titans, while sometimes in some stories, various aspects of Death or servants of Death are portrayed in songs, prose, and various other art forms, such as paintings or sculptures.

There is one character who stands out from the crowd, one who is tasked with important work in the Underworld. You may know him from the Greek Mythology as the Charon the Ferryman, the one who was tasked by Hades to carry the souls of the departed in his boat along the River Styx and deliver them to the Underworld.

Death and all its aspects have always been a motif that people often tattooed on their bodies, as a memento-mori. Some have been even more specific and chose a Charon tattoo as their reminder, that in the end, there is only one path that claims us.

Charon Tattoo Meaning

According to Greek mythology, once death claimed a person’s soul, he would be brought up in front of Charon’s boat, where he would have to pay the Ferryman a coin for passage on the boat. He would take anyone on his boat and drive a passage alongside the river Stix to anyone who had a coin to pay the passage.

Coins were usually buried with the dead, either put inside their mouth or on their eyes or stashed in pockets. It was known that if the souls would be left unburied, or would not have the coin to pay passage, then they would have to wander the shores of the Underworld for hundreds of years before being allowed to pass the river.

On Charon’s boat, even heroes were said to have taken passage to and from Underworld, heroes such as Hercules, Dionysus, Odysseus, Hermes, and Theseus.

In some cases, Hermes acted as a Psychopomp in place of Charon.

Charon Tattoo Ideas

Charon was described as being either a hooded person or a tall gaunt demon, holding a stick with which he navigated the River Stix. In Divine Comedy, Charon is the first mythological creature that Dante meets on his journey to the Underworld. Dante describes Charon as having fiery eyes.

Countless myths rose from the story of Chiron. Some have said that he was associated with the Grim Reaper, of his similarity in looks with the taker of souls and his role. His popularity increased accordingly.

After you have cleared your mind of all doubts, and you are bent on having a Charon tattoo as your next piece, you should consider the style next, whether a traditional tattoo would be your style of choice, or whether you prefer a more modern look to it, or if you consider even adding a dash of color to it, or just going haywire with colors and making a full-color Charon tattoo.

We advise that the position of a Charon Tattoo always be on big portions of the body where it can shine the most. Such as arms, legs, and back portion. It would be a shame to keep covered such a tattoo.

Whatever your style of choice, be sure to always ask the opinion of a professional, as the insights of a tattoo artist can help you tremendously, and maybe together you can find an even more interesting design for your next Charon Tattoo.

Charon Tattoo Design

And as always, we leave you with a bit of request, that you always create a unique tattoo for yourself, one that represents your feelings and your journeys. You should always seek the advice of a professional when it comes to picking your next tattoo.

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