CERBERUS TATTOOS: Meanings, Tattoo Ideas & Tattoo Designs

Cerberus Tattoos

Cerberus, the “Hound of Hades“, was in Greek Mythology the three-headed dog that was the Gatekeeper of the Underworld who safeguarded the gates from the dead that wanted to get out. Cerberus’s parents are Echidna and Typhon.
He was considered as being the loyal guardian and protector, often assisting Hades when he was called upon. Cerberus was considered to have been Heracles‘s last of the twelve trials. The one where he had to capture Cerberus.

Cerberus Tattoos Meaning

Cerberus has an imposing figure of a three-headed dog, monstrous in appearance and always ready to charge at anyone foolish enough to approach it.

Such ferocity is often sought after by people who want to express their inner nature in ink. The hellish appearance of Cerberus is a way to inspire fear in enemies and awe in allies. Anyone with a brave enough soul would seek such a tattoo, to give life to their protector side.

Cerberus Tattoo Ideas

In some ancient annals of mythology, Cerberus was depicted as having 50 heads, sometimes 100, other times he was shown as having snakes for tails. His most known depiction is of the three-headed dog, always with an aggressive posture, either sitting or ready to attack any foe.

Cerberus’s hellish side can be more often than not drawn in ink by having hellfire surround it, or chains that depict his close ties with the Underworld from which no soul is allowed to escape.

Greek Mythology is filled with mentions of Cerberus, one can always be inspired by the tales told.

A blackwork tattoo drawn in black and grey can be the perfect fit for those that are looking for a more realistic or traditional type of tattoo. But adding just a splash of color can give a whole new look and depth to a Cerberus Tattoo.
The iconic hell flames can be drawn as either black and white or as deep red, alongside the color red for the blood of Cerberus’s victims, signaling that anyone being close enough to Cerberus can end up as its prey. Two or three colors can be more than enough for a detailed tattoo representing the Hound of Hell.

Whether you’re aiming for a more traditional look, or for a more modern depiction of the Hound, you can be sure that an experienced tattoo artist will do justice to your next Cerberus Tattoo.

Cerberus Tattoo Designs

We often suggest that the person that reads these lines and wants to get a new tattoo should always try to be inspired by multiple sources and always discuss with their tattoo artists how they should proceed with an idea for a brand new tattoo.

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