117 Fierce Berserk Tattoos: Unleash Your Fierceness With These Designs

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Unbridled rage, pure fierceness, boundless strength, and unrestrained madness in battle, that is what you’ll find in a berserker warrior, one whose battle frenzy reached his limits and pushed beyond them. There was a special case of people in Norse mythology who could harness their inner beast and manage to turn themselves into the embodiment and avatar of madness during fierce battles, gaining strength and endurance but at the cost of their momentary sanity.

Such warriors were called Berserkers, and their whole lives were filled with blood and battle frenzies, creatures who only lived for the enjoyment of battle. Such warriors oftentimes fought either without any armor, or just using bear or wolf furs on their shoulders. Their whole bodies were filled with runes and antic tattoos, which were considered to bring them strength and power during their time of need when engaging foes on the battlefield. These tattoos have become popular as a way for people to express their own strength and bravery and to commemorate their personal warrior spirit.

One person who got inspired by the savage history of the berserkers, was Kentaro Miura, who created the manga series Berserk who was further an inspiration to generations of creators, from movie creators, to songwriters, to game developers and lastly to tattoo artists.

Berserk Manga Series And The Generations Who Followed In It’s Footsteps

The series created by the late author Kentaro Miura follows the story of Guts, a mercenary who lives in a dark medieval world of war, magic, and dark tidings. The Berserk series was an important piece of inspiration for generations that followed, just a few noteworthy mentions are the videogames that everyone either praised for their difficulty, or for their world settings, videogames such as Dark Souls series.

Berserk By Kentaro Miura

Guts can be considered one of the most enigmatic fictional characters ever created. During the manga/anime series we can see and experience his journey from being a traumatised kid, to a young adult who discoveres what having companions feel like, to losing everyone he treasured later on, but always showing an unbreakable will and whose fearless spirit always pushes him further ahead. Even later on after all the hardships he endured and his age bringing him wisdom, we can see how he is slowly trying to regain his hope and enjoy every bit of joy he can find in his life.

There are a lot of controversial themes discussed in the series, but what triumphs over everything is the pure mental toughness, the goal-oriented Guts, who despite all his hardships he continues to push forward, and to not bend to anyone’s will. This is what truly makes an enigmatic and controversial character such as Guts to be the favorite fictional character of millions of readers throughout the entire world.

Even if Guts is a fictional character, the message of”hard work combined with the ability of never giving up and pursuit of ones goal will triumph in the end” is one that the series shares and echoes with it’s readers, truly making the Kentaros creation one of a kind!

Characters Of Berserk Series

Guts: The main character of the series and one who can be considered an anti-hero is Guts, The Black Swordsman, the one who slayed 100 knights single-handedly, fought tooth and nail against the monstrous Zodd on numerous occasions and is the one who constantly fights against his destiny, always pushing his limits even if it means having his body break from all the encounters he has.

Griffith: He is one of the main characters of the series, and considered a rival and enemy of Guts throughout the series. But it did not start like that. Guts first met Griffith when he was in his teen years, when he was a charismatic leader of Band Of The Hawk, a mercenary band. During that time Griffith became a sort of rival and mentor to Guts, and also friends. But later on, Guts decided to leave the Band of the Hawk, that decision prompted Griffith to go on a dark path, which later would result in his sacrificing his friends and band members in the Eclipse event, which gave him the power to reincarnate into a demon kinsman known as Femto, a member of the God Hand

Casca: She is one of the main female lead characters in the series and is portrayed as a strong willed woman. She is a former captain of the Band of The Hawk, and a friend of both Guts and Griffith. Throughout the series she becomes closer to Guts, which leads to a romantic involvement with Guts. After the traumatic events of the Eclipse, Casca is left traumatized and mentally scarred, which lead to the journey of recovery and healing. She is the main driving force for Guts’s revenge against Griffith and a pivotal part of the story regarding healing and trauma

Zodd: He is a powerful character in the series, considered to be an Apostle, one who made a pact with dark forces in exchange for immortality and power. Zodd is known for his monstrous appearance, with a massive build, pointed ears, and a pair of horns. Despite his fearsome appearance, Zodd is depicted as a complex character who is capable of great kindness and compassion, as well as immense violence and brutality. He is a recurring enemy of Guts, who goes through countless battles against the Black Swordsman.

The Skull Night: This creature is an enigmatic force of nature, often depicted as a skeletal knight clad in armor, who appears several times in pivotal moments through the series, whether to help Guts or prevent a disaster from occurring. He is considered to be fighting for the side of good, and through the series it has been as a source of speculation and theories regarding his knowledge and origins of various important events through the story.

Design And Style Of A Berserk Tattoo

Each page of the manga series can be considered a work of art, due to the unique style of drawing of Kentaro Miuras. Because of this, there are countless unique tattooing styles that can be inspired by the Manga. There are countless tattoos which are of Guts, the main character of the series.

Throughout the series Guts is seen in various scenes as having his emblematic Berserk armor, alongside his Dragonslayer sword, a hulk of Iron too heavy to be swung by normal people, and of Guts being enveloped by his armor running amok against an opponent that he ends up slaying resulting in a bloodbath.

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We can be sure that whatever comes as inspiration from the world of Berserk can be a bold statement transcribed as a tattoo. Such tattoos can range from small tattoo scribbles, such as the “Mark of Sacrifice” the mark that Guts has on his neck and which bleeds when he is surrounded by enemies, to tattoos of his Dragonslayer sword, to the depiction of the Berserk armor, or as we’ve seen such tattoos being done in the manga panels styles which either depict a battle scene, or just simply a badass panel of Guts smirking before he’s engaging in a fight.

Lot’s of tattoos inspired by Berserk creations are drawn in the style of dark and realistic tattoos, reflecting the dark world that Guts is a part of. Most Berserk tattoos are either black and grey, while some may incorporate some colors to add depth and detail to a tattoo.

Choosing the Right Berserk Tattoo

The world of Kentaro Miura is dark and filled with despair, often times it might contain a sliver of hope enveloped in a tiny light, but that is what makes the small moments worth the time and struggle in the end. We know just as well that each of us has battles going on, or we’ve gone through such similar cases in the past, and some of us might have not gotten over them yet, or we’re successfully healing from them.

Whatever the case may be, a Berserk tattoo might be more than perfect thing to commemorate such a journey, as we know how important a sliver of hope is to, especially when the world around us seems to close and leave us with no moment to breathe.

It’s important to consider the inspiration behind your tattoo, your reason to wear a Berserk tattoo, whether you feel like you’ve been going through wear and tear because of your journey in life, or you’re facing a struggle ahead of you, we feel that knowing the reason behind such a tattoo is the first step towards picking a tattoo that resonates with you.

There are important things to consider as well, such as the size, be it small, like the Brand of Sacrifice, or bigger tattoos such as a Dragonslayer sword, or a portrait of Guts, the placement on your body, be it on your neck, or your arms or even having an entire tattoo work done on your back, the tattoo style and the coloring. All of these are important if you want to strive towards obtaining the perfect Berserk tattoo for yourself. It’s worth going through the trouble because it means that in the end you’ll be happy with the end result, and that your struggles might finally be rewarded.

Berserk Tattoo Designs

We know that finding your ideal Berserk Tattoo is not an easy feat, but the way the series Berserk became popular is that besides the work of Kentaro Miura, other creators throughout the years were inspired by the work of Berserk, and managed to create some unique works of art, leaving their own touch to their creation, resulting in unique creations which will be on the mind and tongues of many people for years more to come.

So our recommandation as a final word is for you to utilize all mediums available to you, to take what sparks your interest and combine in a tattoo would make you proud first of all, and that can be a source of pride and inspiration for you and anyone who lays their eyes upon your Berserk Tattoo.

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