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Atlas is one of the most famous Titans. He is known in the Greek mythos as the Titan leader who organized the rebellion against Zeus, known as Titanomachia in which gods and Titans fought against one another.

The punishment befitting the rebellion act was for Zeus to condemn Atlas to eternally hold up the sky on his shoulders.

The only time Atlas was momentarily relieved of his duty was when Heracles interacted with him, and changed places briefly, in exchange for Atlas helping Heracles with his labor of gathering the Hesperidean golden apples.

Atlas planned to leave Heracles to hold the sky in his place, and for him to take back the golden apples to Eurystheus. But Heracles outsmarted Atlas and managed to leave him in his place.

The mountain ranges in North Africa bear the name Atlas. This comes from the mythos of Perseus using the Gorgon’s head, Medusa, to petrify Atlas in place forever bounding him to the tribulation of holding the sky.

Atlas Tattoos Meaning

Sometimes you might feel like the entire world is depending on you, the burdens you might have might feel crushing at times, overwhelming you without leaving you any chance of escape. If you ever felt like this, then you know that an Atlas tattoo might be a good fit for you.

Not everyone can carry their burdens in life, but for the chosen ones who always keep their head high, and do not get crushed by the problems and trials, then the concept of Atlas might be perfect for such brave and daring characters.

Atlas was known as the strongest Titans, capable of showcasing incredible strength, an example of holding the sky for eternity. The strength of carrying your duty forward no matter the costs requires incredible mental strength and physical fortitude from a person.

Atlas Tattoo Ideas

Most Atlas tattoos are pretty straightforward. It’s about Atlas with his knee bent, holding either the sky or the earth sphere on his back. This shows the crushing weight that such responsibilities show. A lot of inspirations for such tattoos come from ancient mythos or from old statues or paintings.

A splash of color can always bring a black and white tattoo to life. Tattoos can be inked in many styles, from photorealistic style to sketching, to just lines and scribbles to create the form of the tattoo.

Whichever style you prefer, we always encourage the viewer to be inspired by these tattoos, but to always create something unique, and to always consult the thoughts of the tattoo artists, the ones who can give life to your tattoo.

Atlas Tattoo Designs

We always encourage our readers to be inspired by multiple sources but to always discuss with their tattoo artists how they should proceed with an idea for a brand new tattoo to make it unique and tailored for each new person.

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