111 Dreamy Astronaut Tattoos!

It’s not often that you see tattoos about space travel, or even about astronauts, but considering that mankind’s greatest achievement so far was to put a man on the moon, I would say that astronauts deserve bigger recognition for their discoveries in pursuit of greatness!

So we’ll delve right into discovering 111 dreamy astronaut tattoos that any space lover would be proud to wear.

An astronaut is often called a space traveler, is a figure who is an inspiration to most children that sooner or later in their lives have a fixation on space. To them, space travelers are viewed as their heroes, somebody to look up to by kids as well as individuals.

Because of the craftsmanship of the artist, an astronaut tattoo can be one of a kind and unique piece, different elements such as nebulae, stars, or rockets can be added to the background to create an even more unique piece.

Further down below we will be exploring different types of tattoos that showcase different techniques that at the first glance, will astonish anyone gazing upon the astronaut tattoos, hopefully, you can be inspired and build your very own dreamy astronaut tattoo that represents your own goals and ideals in life!

Watercolor Astronauts

Watercolor lately became my favorite type of style for a colorful tattoo. You can simply create stunning visuals just by mimicking a painting style and by mixing two or three colors, you can create an even larger color pallet that you can play within your tattoo design.

Cluck-cluck into space?

The next tattoos will amaze you through their ingenuity, enough to make a full-grown astronaut want to have a similar tattoo! From the chicken astronaut to the creator of the universe, to astronaut monkeys or just being surrounded by space cats, you never know what you can encounter in the deep ever-expanding space!

In space, no one can hear you scream!

The universe is so vast and ever-expanding, that no many how many eons will pass, no one will be able to fully explore it. What wonders and horrors hide inside it might never come to light and be discovered. Some horrors are better left to our imagination, and to tattoo artists’ skills!

Here are some horrifying tattoo ideas that will be sure to give you chills, the good type!

Cute Astronaut Tattoos!

We showed you the Darkside of the moon and now it’s time for the opposite side, the cute and cheery astronaut tattoos that are sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you gaze upon them! The minimalist style really blends well with the astronaut theme we are showcasing, proving once again that less is more!

Full sleeve astronaut tattoos!

These next sleeve tattoos are a perfect blend between color, elements, and space! It takes a talented artist to bring these ideas to life, and upon finishing, you can be sure it will be a unique piece.

Albeit so many have fantasized about turning into a space explorer one day, not very many really make it, just the absolute best of the best are realizing their dreams. In addition to the fact that astronauts have to be incredibly fit and solid, they need to have an inside and out comprehension of numerous scientific fields for the exploration being led in space.

Patch of color!

Even the smallest tint of color is sure to bring a different life to a tattoo, different than a full black tattoo could. It does not take much, but just the right color to show another option to a tattoo. A splash of red, a tinkle of blue, and your tattoo will come to life and have a different vibe altogether, proving once again that by playing with the right colors, you can get a brand new tattoo!

All-around black tattoos!

Space traveler tattoos have reasonably as of late become more mainstream and what may appear to be a basic plan subject, an individual in a spacesuit, tattoo specialists have made some genuinely one-of-a-kind space traveler tattoos that stand apart from the group.

Some consider that simplicity is best when it comes to the color of a tattoo, choosing a full black tattoo, and bringing out unique tattoos to life. Black tattoos reign supreme when it comes to expressing emotions out of a tattoo.

Full-colored tattoos!

We wanted to give you more options, rather than opt-in just for a black tattoo, so we showcased colorful ones too. Some emotions from a tattoo can be expressed more clearly with a splash of color. Psychedelic effects work best with colors, and watercolor tattoos as well.

What better way to have a nebulae tattoo than to have it in full color, and express the deep wonders of creation?

Down below are our favorite picks for this category.

So, whether you are a black tattoo lover or an enthusiast of full colorful sleeves, or you prefer the minimalist style with a splash of color, we hope you get inspired by these 111 dreamy tattoos showcased over here, and go out there and create a unique piece that fits your style, your beliefs, and your values!

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