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She is the Goddess of the Hunt, Goddess of Purity and Chastity, Mistress of animals and of children, and Goddess of Moon and Protector of Forests! She is Artemis, the bow-carrying goddess.

When it comes to ink, Artemis Tattoos are quite popular with female audiences, and for good reason. It is the perfect fit for those that love nature and are one with the world around them. Artemis Tattoo can be a perfect choice for the ones that are looking to reclaim back their roots and are looking for an escape from office work, right into the heart of nature, alongside the green and vibrant forests.

Artemis is one of the Twelve Olympians, the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the sister of Apollo. She is the protector of nature and the patron of greek hunters.

Artemis Tattoos Meaning

As Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis is known for her awe-inspiring huntings, her arrows never missing a target, always striking true and heavy.

Such a tattoo would be perfect for anyone holding straightforward thinking, for people who are always driven towards their goals, their “hunts”, and for those that never waver in their journey through life.

An Artemis Tattoo can be for those that feel a closeness to nature, a connection to the wildlife, and to the green sceneries of forests.

Artemis is known in Greek mythology as the Goddess of purity and of the Moon. Young girls would dedicate their toys to Artemis statues, symbolizing the passing transition from childhood to adulthood.

Artemis Tattoos Ideas

All tales of old tell the same tale, that Artemis was a stunningly beautiful maiden. So poets, artists, and sculptors tried to do justice to her beauty and purity.

Artemis was often surrounded by animals of the wild, especially deers, wolves, and bears. She always carries a silver bow, her quiver which is always full of arrows, and spears on her back.

As for attire, she always wore a robe, cloak, animal pelts on her shoulders, and as for headband either a crown or tiaras.

Popular modern depictions of Artemis when it comes to tattoos are of her with her bow and arrow, ready to strike. The moon is either a symbol on her forehead, or drawn in the background either small or medium in size, symbolizing purity.

Some tattoos can also be drawn with Artemis alongside hunting partners, bears, owls, wolves, and deers. She is not Mistress of the Wild just with the title. Animals are her most trustworthy companions.

Arrows are often drawn in ink meaning that the “hunt” is on the way and that the shooter is heading towards their goal.

Artemis Tattoo Designs

We always encourage our readers to be inspired by multiple sources but to always discuss with their tattoo artists how they should proceed with an idea for a brand new tattoo. A unique tattoo will always be more enjoyable for you because it contains your life experience and your story, which is what each tattoo should be like, unique and tailored for you.

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