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Chances are you’ve heard over the course of your life the phrase “Achilles heel” more than a dozen times and at some point, you wanted to discover the origins of it. Upon discovering it, some felt joy, others felt sadness, while others felt it was just a story.

There are many feats worthy of Legends found in literature, from where artists during long periods of time inspired themselves to create works of art worthy of being a tribute to Achilles and his story. Paintings, statues, poems, while some have taken it to the next level and had done on the body even an Achilles Tattoo.

Achilles was known as the greatest Hero during the Trojan War. He is most notably known for the legend of his immortality, having no flaws, all but a point, his heel.

Achilles Tattoos Meaning

Achilles was the son of Peleus and Thetis. Due to a prophecy that stated that Achilles will die a warrior’s death, Thetis took baby Achilles and dipped him in the River Styx. She wanted to prevent the death of her mortal son. She did not realize that the only place that was not touched by the river was the heels, by which she held the baby.

That heel was the only vulnerable place on his body, which ultimately turned into his demise when an arrow shot by Paris and guided by Apollo penetrated Achilles’s heel. Thus killing him on the spot.

Achilles spent most of his childhood on Mount Pelion, where he had as a teacher the wise Centaur Chiron to teach him many disciplines, from art to music and fighting.

An Achilles Tattoo is for the brave ones, fighting for a noble and just cause. For the ones that are willing to face great foes and trials and strive to come out with their heads held high.

An Achilles tattoo can symbolize that even the greatest persons have flaws that are capable of bringing them down. One must always realize their flaw and correct them, so as to not be brought down by them in the end. Know your weaknesses, know yourself!

Achilles Tattoo Ideas

Besides his immortality, Achilles was known to have been a beautiful person. Athletic body, trained and capable of many feats in battle with superhuman strength and speed to surpass any mortal.

In ancient drawings and statues, Achilles is portrayed as having full armor, shield, and either spear or sword in one of his hands.

Most designs of Achilles tattoos are of his statues, with a hinged helmet on his head, while he is looking down.

Other Achilles tattoos are of Brad Pitt, who played the role of Achilles in the movie Troy. His role was so iconic that the movie Troy alongside the movie Gladiator resurrected the genres of sword fighting and drama.

If you prefer simpler tattoos, you can choose easier models, such as an arrow, or a mini-statue that represents Achilles.

Achilles Tattoo Designs

And as always, as we always recommend to our viewers, always be inspired whenever possible by already existing tattoos, but always create a unique piece, that both represents you and your views upon the world.

Just remember, these tattoos are here to be used as inspiration, it ultimately comes down to the person that will wear it, and the artist’s vision and skill, and just remember, make your next tattoo unique.

There is nothing quite like a unique piece that you can impress the people close to you with. The person that will wear the tattoo has to have the vision of the tattoo, while the artist is the creator of the piece.

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